Natamar Geometric Formed Tiles Collection

Geometric Formed Tiles & New Mosaics
Progressive Designs & Innovative Products
Discover Natamar's New Collection, offering progressive designs in Tiles and Mosaics. Through extensive R&D, Natamar has developed a method allowing for precise cutting of tiles into various geometric forms, including Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles, and more, without errors and at mass production scale. This innovative method provides natural stone tile designers with ample creative space, all while ensuring sustainable production costs through mass production capabilities. Natamar can now craft new products in various shapes requested by customers or designers with adjustments to this groundbreaking technique.

Natamar 2024 Natural Stone Catalog

Unique Colors of OUR TRAVERTINE
Welcome to the NATAMAR Natural Stone Catalog, your comprehensive source for our entire product range. NATAMAR takes pride in presenting this catalog, which showcases our commitment to excellence. Our Travertine raw material, renowned for its distinctive structure, color, and character compared to regional materials, forms the foundation of our unique selections. We've employed exclusive techniques throughout our production process to standardize stone quality and ensure color consistency, giving NATAMAR and our valued partners a significant competitive edge.