OUR TRAVERTINE QUARRY: The Region's Densest and Most Solid
Travertine forms through the rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate in the ground at the mouths of hot springs, a unique combination. Our quarry, located in the village of Belevi, just outside Denizli, is home to some of the finest examples of this high-quality formation. Our Travertine quarry is known for its dense and solid structure, resulting in stones with fewer voids, greater strength, and higher quality.

Unique Colors of OUR TRAVERTINE
NATAMAR's Travertine raw material stands out not only in structure but also in color and character compared to other regional materials. We've leveraged these differences to create unique selections, implementing exclusive techniques in the production process to standardize stone quality and color continuity. This differentiation provides NATAMAR and its market partners with a significant advantage.

Technical Properties & Pendulum Test
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