Geometric Formed Tiles

Progressive Designs & Innovative Products

Natamar's New Collection offering progressive designs in Tiles and Mosaics. Through extensive R&D, we have developed a method allowing for precise cutting of tiles into various geometric forms, like Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles, and more, without errors and at mass production scale. This innovative method provides tile designers with ample creative space, all while ensuring sustainable production costs through mass production capabilities.

Unique Selections

Unique Colors of Our Travertine

NATAMAR's Travertine raw material stands out not only in structure but also in color and character compared to other regional materials. We've leveraged these differences to create unique selections, implementing exclusive techniques in the production process to standardize stone quality and color continuity. This differentiation provides NATAMAR and its market partners with a significant advantage.


High Quality, Cost Effectiveness & Timely Delivery

By harnessing the latest technologies and applying lean production techniques, NATAMAR has optimized its production lines, achieving industry-leading efficiency, quality, and on-time delivery through innovative collaborations with machine manufacturers.

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