Social Responsibility

As the management and all employees, NATAMAR emphasizes the priority of social responsibility principles. It strives to manage its activities by targeting the best of its results with its responsibility on the economic, social and environmental impacts that occur.

Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety
We consider human as the most valuable asset in all our activities and we aim to minimize any loss that may occur by creating a safer and healthier working environment. We adopt a priority work system in order to create this environment and ensure its sustainability.

Determination of Working Hours
The working hours are in accordance with the applicable laws and do not exceed 45 hours per week. Overtime is carried out only when the employee is a volunteer, and after 6 consecutive working days the employee is entitled to at least 1 day vacation.

Determination of Wages and Social Services
Wages and social services are determined in accordance with the basic principles of minimum wage, overtime and social services mandated by the law.

Women's Rights
Women acts as a bridge between women, family and society. As NATAMAR, we are aware of the contribution of the social system to the functioning of women in societies. With this awareness, by positioning the work and work area, we observe positive discrimination based on positions, wages and all social rights.

Prevention of Forced Labor
Employing prisoner, debt allowance or unwilling employee is prohibited. Our employees have the right to terminate their employment contract within a reasonable period of time.

Prevention of Child Labor
No child labor can be employed at any stage of production. As NATAMAR, we are committed to ensuring that young people under 18 years of age do not have any employee who is under the age of 18 and respects the right to education.

Prevention of Harassment and Abuse
We are committed to ensuring that there is no verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion in order to ensure that the work environment is peaceful and that the employees work happily.

Prevention of Discrimination
We are committed to ensuring that employees are not subject to race, religion, color, age, political preference and gender discrimination and are promoted on the basis of their ability to do business, to receive remuneration and other rights.

In order to increase the awareness of the employees about occupational health and safety, and to support their professional and personal development, NATAMAR is obliged to provide internal and external trainings. Through these activities, we are committed to ensure the continuous development of all areas of the company due to the development of our employees.

Aware of the fact that success passes through healthy communication, we undertake to keep practices in ties with employees and to maintain good relationships between employees and management and to ensure the continuity of these relationships.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution
We manage all our activities with the responsibility of the environmental impacts that may arise. Our Company is obliged to determine and implement any improvement and development activities that will minimize the environmental impact of its activities.

Prevention of Corruption and Bribery
The highest level of honesty is expected in all business activities and relationships. Any form of corruption, bribery, blackmail and abuse is strictly prohibited. NATAMAR will in no way tolerate the exchange of money and gifts in order to influence the behavior of another person in order to provide commercial and personal benefit.

Management Liability
We are committed to the fulfillment of occupational safety and health and environmental management procedures in accordance with the rules of workplace conduct. NATAMAR management is obliged to continuously improve the laws and regulations in force and to ensure its continuity.