Enviromental Commitment

NATAMAR takes necessary measures to minimize environmental impact in all processes from the production of products to the process of use in the natural stone industry with the sensitivity of protecting the environment.

The principles that we base on within the scope of our environmental policy are as follows.

• To comply with all applicable legislation and obligations in relation to the environment,
• To prevent air, water and soil pollution by minimizing environmental impacts during production,
• Ensuring that our employees and all the individuals and companies we are in contact with have access to environmental awareness,
• By following the developing technology, using the best level of efficiency in our facility, reducing the waste at the source and ensuring maximum recycling,
• Ensuring the most efficient use of natural resources and saving resources as a result of our continuous improvement efforts,
• To continuously improve our environmental performance and to consider environmental impacts in our new investments.

Together with our employees, we are committed to fulfill the requirements of these policies and our environmental responsibilities, and as Management, to ensure their continuity.