Travertine and Marble Mosaic Tile Production: From Preparation to Packaging

The craftsmanship behind travertine and marble mosaic tiles lies in a meticulous process that ensures quality, precision, and beauty. Let's take a journey through the production line, from initial preparation to final packaging:
1. Quality Control and Pre-Honing:
Firstly, travertine and marble strips undergo strict quality control measures to ensure that only the best materials advance. Pre-honing preparation involves bringing these quality-controlled strips to the preparation line.
2. Surface Calibration and Honing:
Both surfaces of the strips are calibrated and honed, and a pre-selection process is carried out to ensure that only the best parts proceed to the next stage.
3. Small Size Tumbled Production Line:
The pre-honed travertine and marble semi-finished products are brought to the Small Size Tumbled Production line. These semi-finished products, which are 3cm thick, are first dimensioned on this line and then processed in the traditional vibration tumbler.
4. Calibration and Horizontal Separation:
Semi-finished parts are calibrated on a horizontal splitting machine to a thickness of 1 cm. These pieces are then placed in wooden crates to release excess moisture.
5. Mosaic Production Line:
After the pieces have rested and released their moisture content, they move to the mosaic stacking, netting, and drying line. Here, the stones are first dried and then quality-checked. They are then carefully arranged in plastic mosaic molds.
6. Meshing and Drying Oven:
The mosaic tiles arranged in the molds are meshed using water-based adhesive. The mosaics are placed in the drying oven for the adhesive to dry. The products coming out of the drying oven are placed on iron shelves to rest. 
7. Packaging and Storage:
Each mosaic tile, along with its base carton, is meticulously packaged in nylon wrapping for protection. These packaged tiles are then placed in cardboard boxes within crates for safe storage and transportation.
8. Storage and Loading:
Crated mosaic tiles are transported to the warehouse area where they await loading for shipment. The warehouse provides a suitable environment for the tiles to rest until they are ready for delivery.
Processing travertine and marble mosaic tiles requires precision, expertise, and commitment to quality at every stage. Every step in the production process, from the initial selection of raw materials to the final packaging, ensures that the final product meets the highest standards of excellence and quality.