Rustic Classic Travertine , Cross-Cut, Filled, Honed, Tile

Product Info : Rustic Classic Travertine , Cross-Cut, Filled, Honed, Tile

Available Sizes :

Size (cm) Size (inch) Thickness In Stock Action
10x10x1 4"x4"x3/8" 1.00 Add to Cart
10x20x1 4''x8''x3/8'' Set 1.00 Add to Cart
7.6x15x1 3”x6”x3/8” 1.00 Add to Cart
15x15x1 6”x6”x3/8” Set 1.00 Add to Cart

Rustic Classic Filled and Honed Travertine is a natural stone product preferred for your stylish projects in our Travertine Tile collection and Turkish Travertine collection. Raw material of Rustic Travertine is obtained from our own quarry located in Denizli Travertine Natural Stone Quarry Area in Turkey and it is our product has the richest reserve. It has dark colors variations and has commercial quality. Due to the natural structure of commercial travertine,  there are small pores,small holes,small lack of edges and small sawn mark,small fossil remains,small natural fillings. Sizes of Rustic Travertine Tiles are 10x10 / 10x20 / 15x15 / 7,6x15 at thickness 1cm.

It is a suitable material for wall and floor coverings in interior and exterior designs. It is excellent choice solid,durality and high quality as complement with designs of Kitchen, Backsplash, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathrooms, Fireplace, Gardens, Stairs, Pool Decks, Patios, and Driveways, General and Commercial Areas.

Rustic Classic Travertine is agreat option for renovating your farmhouse and for your affordable projects.

It is quarried and produced by Natamar with excellent quality and the highest level of customer service.

Size (cm) Size (inch) Thickness In Stock
10x10x1 4"x4"x3/8" 1.00
10x20x1 4''x8''x3/8'' Set 1.00
7.6x15x1 3”x6”x3/8” 1.00
15x15x1 6”x6”x3/8” Set 1.00